Thursday, 14 January 2016

Finishing Projects!

Been working on finishing some beanies this week.....  
Soon to be listed for sale!

Tonights project is sewing crocheted flower and leaf appliques on a basic navy beanie!  
I do love the color contrast with the bright fushia pink on the navy.
Were having company for a luncheon tomorrow, so I have scads to do, so I cannot spend too much time playing tonight.  I shall post a finished project tomorrow evening.

I am anxious for the weekend to come, as I will be starting  my next bubble blanket.  The colours are all bright pinks, yellows and prints.  I am excited to see its progression.
These #TummyTime #BubbleBlankets are pillowy soft.
A Big Hit for a Shower Gift.
I will only be making 3 - 5 of these, this year
as hoping to get out of the house and be working again.

Here's a peek at the beautiful colors!

Hope you all have a Fabulous Weekend.....

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