Sunday, 9 October 2016

New project on the hook!

After a very busy spring & summer, fall is upon us! Catching you up to my world... spring of 2016 kept us busy in the yard, finally got a small garden in! I also had many trips, almost one a month to my daughters in Calgary, for christening, 1st birthday, and then to help with a long distance move. Between visiting with friends, time flew by.... Summer brought our eldest grandaughter out for a 2 month Okanagan visit. We had a wonderful time ... activities each and every day, going to the beach alot! I had very little time for creating, but we did create treasured memories! Thats what counts! Family is important!  We were blessed to have her longer than our usual 2 -3 weeks!
September brought a wonderful visit with my kids in Florida, we had so much fun and the baby is now walking and a going concern. Beach life is very relaxed and I found every one so friendly down there! I left just before Matthew arrived! My thoughts and prayer to all those affected. My kids evacuated inland during the storm.
Gradually getting back into the swing of things, picking up some new projects, finishing ones started, I hope to reopen my Etsy within a few weeks!
Hope you all have a fabulous fall! I'd love to hear what's new with you!

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