Saturday, 21 February 2015

Time spent with family

Hope your all having a fantastic weekend.  The sun peeked out today, a beautiful breeze and made it up to 10 celsius!   Very blessed to have had a lovely walk with family!These are my Etsy shops, visit if you would like to find something uniquely handmade.

Paper2Roses   &   MySerendipityCottage

I also sell items from my Facebook page Paper2RosesCreations.  I appreciate all my visitors and customers!  When I have 25 followers on this new blog of mine, I will do a draw for some stationary, tags, envelopes and such!  A surprise gift envelope of sorts.   It may be a while, but when I hit 25..... thats the plan."

If you'd still like to see past posts at my other blog, please visit MyPaperRose   I am hoping to from time to time to share some lovely family recipes at MyPaperRose...... of course as time permits.
I am sure you are all just as busy as myself.

Cheers, Maureen

Friday, 20 February 2015

Rustic Hand Stamped Wooden Gift Tags

Just listed a bunch of new rustic wooden gift tag / wedding favours at my Etsy shop

Here's a sample assortment that can be custom made for you and your occasion.  Inquiries welcome!
Sizes are ~~~ long narrow tags -3 1/8" long x 5/8" wide
               ~~~ wood circles -1 1/2"
               ~~~ large Oval tags 3 1/8" long x 1 1/4" wide
Tags are lightly stained in walnut ink, stamped in black ink, back is left natural wood

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Biscuit Lady!

Well that's what my family calls me when I take to making these adorable #Biscuit #Pillow #Quilts.  The 2 shown, I made the last two months of 2014.  Now I am about to start another in beautiful pinks.  These are so soft and comfy for your newborn, and make the perfect #TummyTimeBlanket  I shall post photos of my newest when its complete!
 Selection of Fabrics took a very long time!
~in the end I changed my mind on a few colours
 cutting and placement was next on the agenda
 making 81 perfect little squares with backing was the next step
 what I 'thought' was the most tedious task 
was perfectly stuffing each puff
with the same amount.
I also added a 3" wide flannel border around the edge 
that matched the owl flannel print backing!
 But the most 'time consuming' step was 
sewing 81 little biscuits or pillows together
Near the end it gets very bulky!
 Little Teddy was so adorable on his "TeddyTime" quilt.
His new momma, said he loved laying on it.
Squares can be placed randomly or in a diagonal pattern!
I choose diagonal pattern placement for the pink one as well!
the very full 4" wide ruffle was the best finishing touch
soft chevron flannel was the perfect choice!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Recycling Project!

Hope your all having a beautiful Sunday!

This past week I took to a little upcycle project and reused some empty tins.   First they were thoroughly washed by hand, then put thru the dishwasher.  I really needed a holder for all my pencils, markers, sissors and bits and bobs.   If you have tried such a project please share with me!!!  I do love my turquoise.......   Here is my process.
 Washed and thoroughly dryed old cans
 2 good coats of SiCo evolution paint
 It took days to dry
 then I tried different placements
till I had the one that would work for me
 next was gathering lace, ribbon, jute......
a glue gun was used to adhere embellishments
a sharpie marker was used on the jute
I tried different placements, till I had the look I wanted
 a thin bead of glue was all that was needed
E6000 glue could also be used for this project, 
but drying time is longer
 I only used a short tin cause I wanted that for clips
 a tiny brown button was glued inside the big blue button
bits of string pearls and crinkle seam binding add accents
 a little heart charm was hung in a bare spot 
it is framed nicely with frayed jute
 Buttons, jute, lace and a key charm add character
all of my favourite things
I really cannot wait to get all the stuff in one place on my craft table
I am hoping this will make me more organized
Share your thoughts,  I would love to hear!

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Our Morning Sky!

Just sharing the beautiful morning sky, I experienced..... On this a very busy Valentines Day! I am playing catchup, with household tasks as well as crafty projects!  Sometimes I get further ahead, other times it's hard to keep up.  I do find making a list the night before helps, but never more than 5 things on the list! I started the "5" rule at the beginning of the year and so far it's working! And no list is written for Sunday's! 

What tips do you have for staying ahead of the game? Do Share!!! I would love to hear!  Have a Fantastic Weekend!

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Moving over here!

Hi all!
This will be my new blog, a place to share my daily life happenings, (with family and friends far away),  share recipes, link to others, share my creations and items I have for sale, post photos I have taken, share tips and tricks I have learned along the way and possibly show steps thru some of my creations.  It should take me a few weeks to get going here.  In the mean time... my other blog is here if you should like to visit.